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Front view [32K]

  • Released circa 1951/1952
  • Single channel.
  • 4ft x 3ft front projection.
  • 28 valves (!), an odd mix of Mazda and mullard.
  • A.C. Mains.
  • Original cost £158 10s 0d.
Lable [9K]
An up market front projection set for use with a seperate screen. Needing to be placed 8½ft from the screen you'd need a fairly large room to put it in, though I guess these sets either ended up in a posh house or in a pub or club.

Like just about every other projection set of the time, the set uses the Schmit optical system and the 2½-inch Mullard MW6/2, with a seperate ringing choke oscillator to generate the enormouse 25KV it requires.

Initially the set was released with an R.F. chassis designed for the double sidband transmissions from London, but later a single sideband chassis was used. The latter could be re-tuned to any of the then five channels, although they were pretuned before leaving the factory. The channel can be identified by the colour of the attnuator cover, visible in the above photo as a yellow square, yellow being for London, single sideband.

Despite being a fifties set, it still uses quite a number of antique Mazda valves in amongst a selection of more up-to-date Mullard valves. It was a suprise to see such a late set still using a thyratron in the frame timebase.
SERVICE DATA The service data is in the Radio and Television Servicing book, volume 3.
CURRENT STATE Cabinet a bit scratched but insides complete and the R.F. E.H.T. chassis looks to be very clean indeed.
WHERE FOUND Bought privately for £80. Included a screen but that was 3 inches too long to fit in the back of the Punto unless I'd ducked all the way back to Brum, so I still need to fetch it somehow.
C.R.T. and projection assembly [17K] 25KV E.H.T. supply [10K]
The main C.R.T. and projection assembly with it's associated ringing
choke 25KV E.H.T chassis, both in suprisingly clean condition.
Power supply chassis [9K] Main chassis [23K]
PSU section dominated
by a thumping great
mains transformer.
The main chassis. For such a late set it does
have a suprising number of large bottles in it.
Note the yellow paint on the brackets at the
back of the chassis, further indicating this is
the London single-sideband version.

How all the bits fit in.

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