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Front view [54K]
  • Released early 1985
  • ?" x ?" Image (maybe 140 x 105 pixels?)
  • Transistors, I.C., one thing for certain, no valves :(
  • Runs from two AA Cells
  • Original Cost?
NOTES Amongst the first of the LCD screen TV's to hit the UK, the fairly low contrast monochrome screen is mounted in the lid and viewed via a mirror in the main unit, this using ambient light as the backlight for the LCD. For viewing in darker environments an optional add-on backlight was available although this reduced the battery life from roughly four hours down to two.
SERVICE DATA Nope, though I wonder if it were to go wwrong whether there'd be much inside that was fixable.
CURRENT STATE Does actually work, there was just enough time to take a couple of photos before the analogue transmitters were switched off
WHERE FOUND Fleabuy for £7.50 plus postage.
Close-up of screen Decidedly second hand box.
A small part of the right hand side of the screen is reserved for displaying a marker used to indicate the (UHF) TV channel.You can just make out the individual pixels in this screen shot. The rather tired remains of the box.
An American advert for the television

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