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Front View [20K]

  • Circa 1966
  • 15 or so valves (plug-in dependant)
  • Dual Trace
  • 4" Green screen CRT with 4kV EHT
  • 15MHz Bandwidth @ 100mV/cm
    0.8MHz Bandwidth @ 10mV/cm
  • Utilises plug-in modules
NOTES This is the rack mounting version of the model previous D43 model.

The first 'Y' channel amplifier in this particular example is populated with the common type 'C' plug-in.

Delay line ? [6K]However the second channel is populated by a type JD plug-in that I've not encountered before. The upper half appears the same as the type 'H' plug-in, with an additional PCB fotted with what I'm assuming is a delay line, as illustrated. Perhaps the 'D' in 'JD' stands for "delayed"?.
SERVICE DATA You can download a copy of the manual from the service data page, although I'm stumped for the JD plug-in though.
CURRENT STATE A few mystery disconnected wires and the two EF184's missing from the JD plug-in but otherwise it seems complete.
WHERE FOUND Another freebie from Terry Martini.
ADDITIONAL The Synthi 100 Synthesiser.The scope has since gone to pastures new. In late 2002, the company Music Control were restoring a thumping great EMS Synthi 100 modular synthesiser, thought to be the oldest instrument of its type in existance. And guess what should be fitted in the top center of the control panel .. yes, a good old D43R, which is where this scope (plus a tatty second spares D43R liberated from a Radiophile auction at Shifnal) have ended up.

One of only 30 or so ever built, the synthesiser was originally delivered to the physics faculty of a University in the United Kingdom.

Most famously utilised by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, the Synthi 100 cost the equivalent of a detached house in 1970!

Left side of JD plug-in [14K]Right side of JD plug-in [13K]
The type 'JD' plug-in amplifier module.

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