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Front View [27K]

  • Late 30's
  • 2 Valves (6Q7 plus unkown diode-pentode)
    plus metal rectifier ?
  • A.C. Mains
NOTES This must have been an expensive set in its time. The wooden cabinet conceals a chrome plated metal box, within which is a chrome plated chassis ! The front panel appears to made of copper, anodised (?) with a wood effect pattern with raised copper text. Far out !

Suppliers Label [7K]I'm going to stick my neck out and say that this set dates from the latter half of the 30's, though I could be wrong, maybe mid 40's. It's certainly from a time when suppliers took a pride in what they sold by attaching a fancy label.

This example has 5 ranges, covering 120-400KHz, 350-850KHz, 850-2.2MHz, 2.1MHz to 5500MHz plus 5.5-15MHz. However the tuning scale must be common to another set as there are three additional waveband markings covering 16-60MHz, presumably for London's TV channel.

There are two inputs, one for A.M. modulation and one for F.M. modulation. Since this generator doesn't go anywhere near the F.M. radio bands of the late 50's so presumably the F.M. input was intended to be connected to the seep output of an oscilloscope so as to function as a wobulator.
CURRENT STATE Cripes ! What a mess ! [13K]A restoration case ; the woods not too bad but the odd socket is missing and the tuning knob is incorrect (being from an Ecko or Radio Rentals set).

See if you can spot the non-standard components :-) Fortunately this is quite safe as the metal box was comprehensively insulated with a single layer of masking tape ! The seller was however most honest about this set, I reakon he said "total restoration" three times and "don't switch it on" a couple more times for good measure ... though if this was America then preumably I could still sue him if I electrocute myself on it (if seller is reading this, only joking matey!).
WHERE FOUND The Radiophile April 2000 event at Shifnal for £13.50 (!?).

Rear View [16K]6Q7 ValveUnknown Diode-PentodeScreened Waveband Coils

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