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Front view [17K]

  • Original version released early 1952
  • Covers 15Hz to 50KHz in three ranges.
  • 4 Valves (6SN7GT, 6J5GT, 6V6GT and 6X5GT)
  • 1% typical sine wave distortion.
  • Size 13.5" by 10.25" by 8.25"
  • Weight 20Lbs (~8Kg)
  • Original cost £35 12s (in 1956)
NOTES One of a range of similarly styled signal generators, the J1 (and J1A) being aimed at the communications engineer. The Advance J2 is similar but has an aditional output meter.

Suprisingly, for such a low frequency, the oscillator circuit is actually tuned via two ganged variable capacitors.
SERVICE DATA I got a copy of the original service manual (part number 7773) about the time that I bought the generator but I can't remember where from. You can download a copy in .PDF format from the service data page.
CURRENT STATE The insides are absolutely imaculate, as if it had never been used. After reforming the main electrolytic capacitors, I gradually applied power and presto! worked perfectly.

The case is a little scratched but still has original labels attatched that indicate that this generator originally saw service aboard HMS Mercury.
WHERE FOUND An amatuer radio rally around 15 years ago

Perios advertisment. Click on picture for larger version [59K]
Follow this link for a copy of a period advertisment [59K]

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