Modifications for Specific Sets


The article goes on to give descriptions for actual modifications for specific sets, all of which Mullard state to have tried. Information is given for the sets listed below.

  1. Ambassador TV 1 MA
  2. Baird 164
  3. Ekco T141, TC138 and TC139
  4. Ekco T161, TC162, TC166
  5. G.E.C. BT4543, BT5146
  6. H.M.V 2815
  7. Marconiphone VC76DA, VC86DA, VC86DA, VRC77DA, VRC87DA, VT76DA, VT86DA
  8. Masteradio T612 Series.
  9. Murphy V150
  10. Murphy V200A, V202CA,VU200A
  11. Pilot VS9
  12. Plessey T.V Chassis ("This chassis is used in a number of receivers marketed by different manufacturers. It can be recognised by the sunk R.F. strip, and by the rectangular line transformer can with metal recifier mounted directly behid it").
  13. R.G.D B235 I.T.
  14. R.G.D. B1800, H1800, L1800
  15. Ultra V711, V7116, W721, W7216
  16. Ultra VA72, YA72, YA75

The following illustrates the level of detail given. If you want the details for any of the sets listed above then feel free to contact me via the Guestbook Page.

Ambassador TV 1 MA

  1. Replace original tube socket by duodecal (B12A) socket and reconnect heater, gridand cathode connections to the appropriate contacts (See Fig.1)
  2. Wind 12 turns of wire round the winding of the mains transformer having first removed the top plate of the transformer. Connect this additional winding in series with the existing 2V winding which supplies the tube heater, to provide 6.3V for the Mullard tube. Having made this modification the heater voltage should be checked.
  3. Obtain the H.T. supply for the first anode of the picture tube from the cathode of the recifier valve (UU8) via a smoothing filter consisting of a 100K resistor and a 0.1uF 500V working capacitor.
  4. To reduce the focussing feild strength shunt the winding of the magnet with a 500R 5W resistor.
  5. Earth the external conductive coating of the picture tube.
  6. Provide, fit and adjust an ion trap magnet e.g. ELAC type IT6

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