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Front view [18K] On/Off and volumeTone ?WavebandTuning

  • Released May 1955
  • LW and MW Wavebands
  • Standard 4 battery valve lineup (DK96, DF96,
    DAF96,DL96) plus double-diode metal rectifier.
  • Batteries or A.C. Mains
  • Original £13 5s 4d
NOTES This must have looked quite impressive when new with its chrome plated front.

A nice touch is a discrete little push switch at the left side of the set which is depressed when the lid is closed. This switch breaks the LT and HT connections, so no accidentally leaving the set switched on.

Variable resistor [6K]Valves in portables - particularly those that can also be mains driven - are run close to the edge as they need to squeeze the maximum out of the valves with the minimum of heater (and HT) volts. This set includes a factory set variable resistor so as to set the current just-so on mains operation. This has an additional advantage; when cold, the filaments of the valves are a much lower resistance than during normal running, so having some extra resistance in series will help reduce the initial filament inrush current, the filaments being particularly delicate in these types of valves.
SERVICE DATA A copy of the original Pye service sheet is available from CD#1.
CURRENT STATE Dirty with a couple of control switch brass bits missing. Ominously the valves (which are very common)are missing, perhaps this set had already been deemed not repairable ? We shall see...
WHERE FOUND Rescued from death row ... one more week and it was off to the skip.

Chassis view [18K]
Wot no valves ?
Under chassis view [14K]
Underside view of chassis.

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