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Front View [30K]

  • Released November 1954
  • LW, MW, SW and VHF wavebands
  • 8 Valves (ECC85, ECH81, EBF80, EF85, EABC80,
    EL84, EZ85 plus EM80 tuning indicator.).
  • A.C. Mains
  • Original cost £33 7s 9d
Rear View [9K]
The front view really doesn't give much impression of the size of this radio. However see how dwarfed the valves are in the rear view.
Output circuit diagram [11K]
This is a very early VHF set, possibly Philips first attempt at VHF, but certainly not their first attempt and rediculous audio feedback designs. Note the, erm, "creative" connection of the output pentode's grid leak resistor. However, the addition of switch S24 is a nice touch ; it's ganged with the main off switch, immediately silencing the set when the set is switched off.
Animation of tone control graphics [17K]But true to Philips form, there are plenty of complex mechanics to get to grip with. The extra cables for rotating the internal ferrite aerial are one thing, but the wacky tone control is something else. As the tone dial rotates it not only moves a musical note up and down but also flips a switch that controls bass boost while adjusting the treble. At least I *think* thats whats going on !
SERVICE DATA I got some trader service sheets at the same auction, which included the sheet for this set (#1208).
CURRENT STATE After a good polish the set looks wonderful with its shiney wood and black top. A few very minor scratches if you look hard enough.
WHERE FOUND Jan 2002 Radiophile auction at Wetwood for £4. Big sets like these just don't seem to be very popular.

Chassis View [29K]

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