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Front View [15K]

  • 1959
  • LW, MW, two SW plus VHF wavebands
  • 7 Valves (ECC85, ECH81, EBF89, ECC83,
    EL84, EZ80 and EM80)
  • A.C. Mains
  • Original cost 2800 Hungarian Forints.
NOTES This is one huge radio. In fact, its about as wide as me 28 inch colour telly ! To really appreciate the size, check out the rear view (below) and note the size of the valves. This is clearly a top-of-the-range set. Note the twin loudspeakers, the extra one boosting the treble.

Even the internal ferrite aerial can be rotated using a control on the front panel. Although the rear view picture doesn't show it, there is a right tangle of drive cords criss-crossing the chassis.

The set was produced in various versions, with some having a much squarer cabinet. In addition, whilst my set covers the 88-100MHz FM band other versions cover 64.5-73MHz instead.

Orion was a Hungarian company who entered the radio buisiness in the late 1920's manufacturing valves, although they did not adopt the name Orion until the start of the 1930's. The model AR612, also known in Hungary by the name "Pacsirta" (which translates as "Skylark"), was produced between 1959 and 1961 and is amongst the last radios to be produced by the Orion company, the Hungarian government forcing Orion to turn to producing televisions instead. Radio manufacturing was transferred to Vadasztoltenygyar (later named Videoton), a company that had previously been manufacturing munitions!.

For a site devoted to Hungarian radios, including some schematics, check out the Old Hungarian Radios Homepage.
SERVICE DATA Thanks to Szabolcs Szigeti for supplying copies of the schematic and component layout, as well as some of the above information on the Orion company.
CURRENT STATE Excellent condition. The woodwork is immaculate (quite a novelty for a radio in Jonz accumulation).
WHERE FOUND A second hand shop. It cost 40, but then it is an unusual top-of-the-range set in excellent condition.

Rear View [15K]

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