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Kolster-Brandes KB880AC

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Front View [14K] Tone Control Tuning On/Off and Volume

  • Circa 1939?
  • LW, MW and SW wavebands
  • 5 valves (20D2, 9D2, 11D5, 7D5 and R2)
  • A.C. Mains
  • Original cost unknown
NOTES Dont know much about this set. Its certainly a huge set, but the chassis fills the entire space. Compare that to the early post-war radios such as the Regentone AW44 where the chassis often looks lost in the case !
SERVICE DATA A copy of the original Kolster-Brandes service sheet (dated 1940) was on CD#2.
CURRENT STATE Has already been subject to some restoration and is basically working. The chassis itself is immaculate. However all but one control knob is missing (and I can't be certain even if that is original). Still, no longer my problem as regretably I've sold it.
WHERE FOUND Bought privately for 10. The guy dug out out from the back of one of his sheds and, despite my pleadings, plugged the thing in the mains. He then switched it on while I dived for cover. And it worked just fine.

Sold to a luck punter at the BVWS's December 2002 Wotton Bassett bash.

Rear View [18K] 7D5 Audio Output 11D5 Detector / 1st Amp (Screened) 9D2 I.F. Amplifier (Screened)

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