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On/Off and Volume Tuning Waveband Switch (MW/LW) Loudspeaker

Front view [12K]

  • Mid 1958
  • LW and MW wavebands
  • 4 Valves (UCH81, UBF89, UCL82, UY85)
  • A.C. or D.C. Mains
  • Original cost £10 12s 3d,
    plus £4 1s 9d purchase tax..
NOTES Probably amongst the last Ecko valve sets. Utilises a ferrite rod arial which, by this time, had almost universally replaced the earlier frame wound arial. Although it looked to be built on a PCB, cleaning revealed that the "PCB" was in fact a layer of dust covering a normal metal chassis.!

Front page of advert leaflet [9K]The 2-page advanced information data sheet for the set is dated July 1958. Use the following links to view the individual pages :-

Page 1[87K] : Photo and description
Page 2 [58K] : Technical details.
SERVICE DATA The service data was residing in the 1959/1960 "Radio And Television Servicing" book.
CURRENT STATE Case was originally quite scruffy but it scrubbed up nicely with a touch of Brasso restoring a lovely shine to the bakelite case. The inside is one mass of cobwebs (which don't show up too well in the photo below). There are also signs of a wax capacitor having melted (looks like the one across the mains), the main electrolytic has an ominous bulge to it and a HT dropping resistor looks cooked ; a sure sign that some idiot just switched it on after a long period of non use.
WHERE FOUND Junk shop for 15.
UCH81 Valve UBF89 Valve UCL82 Valve UY85 Valve Mains dropper resistor Ferrite Rod Aerial

Chassis view [16K]

Suppliers label [7K] The picture opposite is of a transfer applied to the rear cover of the set, confirming that the set was supplied locally (I live around a mile from there!).

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