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Front View [26K]

  • Released September 1950
  • LW and MWwavebands
  • 4 Valves (1R5, 1T4, 1S5 and 3S4)
    plus metal rectifier
  • Battery or A.C./D.C. Mains
  • Original cost £14 14s 1d

A nice but unusual looking little portable set. The front and back are of white painted metal, but the side pieces are made of bakelite.

In 1939, RCA introduced the very first of the miniature "all glass" valves, three of which were the 1T4, 1R5 and 1S5 used in this set. However the disruption of World War II meant that these valves were not produced commercially in Britain until 1947.

But just how complicated do you like your power supplies ?
Power Supply Circuit [13K]

Mains Connector [11K] Switches labled 'B' close for battery, 'M' close for mains and the rest are the general on-off switches. Clearly, D.C. mains must still have been important at the time, as a small mains transformer would surely be cheaper (and simpler) than the huge array of switches and dropping resistors.The multiple switch is spring loaded, being operated by a plunger as the mains connector is plugged in.

SERVICE DATA I have an electronic copy of the "Trader" service sheet 975.
CURRENT STATE In good condition. Couple of nicks out of the paint and small minor crack in the base, but it looks five years old, not fifty !

However, the electrical safety is very 50's. Mains power, metal case, no earth !
WHERE FOUND Bought privately for £18.

Rear View [34K]
Label Showing General Layout [26K]

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