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Front View [20K] Tuning On/Off and Volume

  • Released Februaury 1950
  • LW and MW waveband superhet.
  • 5 Valves (UCH42, UF41, UBC41, UL41 and UY41)
  • A.C./D.C. Mains
  • Original cost 12 1s 8s
NOTES Visually similar to its predecessor, the DAC90, but now using miniature valves in a completely re-designeed chassis. These valves are perculiar in that they are polarised by a little glass bobble on the side of the valve that locates in a slot in the the valve socket.

Gone are the extra alignment access holes in the underside of the case as now the entire chassis plus internal aerial/tuning circuit can be removed as a complete unit.
SERVICE DATA There is a copy of the Trader service sheet 1161 on CD#1.
CURRENT STATE As found, it looked like it had just been brought out of the garden shed after a 40 year hibernation. However, good old Brasso polish and some elbow grease restored the case (bar a couple of not-so-nice scratches) and after blowing the dust away a nice clean rust-free chassis was found.

One second-hand wax capacitor [8K]In addition, the dial glass is in excellent condition.
However, check out the mains input decoupling capacitor. That shiney bit, bottom right, really ought to be connected to (whats left of) the wax capacitor. Really though, putting a wax capacitor next to a thumping great power resistor, "I just don't believe it!".
WHERE FOUND Birmingham antiques market for 35.

Rear View [18K] UCH42 Valve UF41 Valve UBC41 Valve UL41 Valve UY41 Valve Tuning Coil / Aerial

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